Midnight Sweet

"A lonely man gets a taste of the future, but wants more than just a taste."

Short Film (15 min)—Comedy, Sci-Fi


Produced, Directed and Edited by
Joe Rufa

Written by
Joe Rufa with Gregory Clouatre

Filmed by
Malik Fakiri and Joe Rufa

Directors of Photography
Gregory Clouatre & Malik Fakiri

Art Direction, VFX, Animation,
Production and Graphic Design by
Joe Rufa

Sound Design
Joe Rufa & Joshua Rule

Sound Mixing
Joe Rufa

Rose Bergdoll

Gregory Clouatre John Durrand
Trevor Simpkin Toy Store
Cait Bliss Mel St. Yves
Kate Maloy Shopping Neighbor
Galen Pack Bodega Girl 1
Rose Bergdoll Bodega Girl 2

“Sweet Descent” Joshua Rule
“Midnight Suite” Barry Uhl
“Eating Around” Joshua Rule
“World Expo 2020” Joshua Rule & Joe Rufa
“Sweet Odyssey” Joshua Rule
“Future Taste” Joe Rufa



Rose Bergdoll
Charles Griffin
Edu Bayer
Kate Mccormack
Lisa Healy
Fairway Market
and the
Cast & Crew


Production Design—


Storyboards & film stills—

Animated seagull prop by Joe Rufa